Why Outsource Your Business Bookkeeping?

The Value of Outsourced Bookkeeping

There is an ongoing trend to outsource functions that do not directly relate to generating income. Outsourcing allows business owners and their employee’s to focus their time and effort on their core competencies designed to help grow their business while not having to dedicate themselves or other employees to functions that may not be needed on a full time basis or that may be cost prohibitive.

All Companies Need Accounting

Accounting Services may fall into this category. Although not every company needs a full time accountant, all companies need the services that an accountant has to offer – whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, once a year or on an ‘as needed’ basis.

As accounting is the foundation of a company’s financial picture, having accurate, reliable and timely data enables you, as the business owner, to analyze past and present results and plan for future financial strategy ultimately leading to business growth.

Accounting Reports Give the Pulse of Your Business

As the bills from vendors, invoices to clients, checks to deposit, cash receipts to account for, bank statements to reconcile, credit card charges to record, sales tax returns needing to be created, payroll and more financial documentation and responsibility’s mount up it becomes glaringly important how much the businesses financial health depends on proper accounting of this documentation and correct handling of these tasks.

If done correctly the resulting reporting gives the business owner a “pulse” on the business, thereby allowing the owner to make good solid decisions with the end result being business growth.

Are you paying your CPA to be your bookkeeper?

So now the question becomes do you really want to pay your CPA Firm anywhere from $200 or more PER HOUR to sort through a pile of papers, or do you really want to leave all this to a bookkeeper who can enter your information, maybe do your payroll and sales tax reports but may not have the background to decipher what it all means or does not know what reports are the most pertinent to you, the information or reports that will help you manage your business better?

Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC is an accounting service designed for the full time business which may only need
a part time accounting service.

We’re less expensive then your CPA, much more knowledgeable then a bookkeeper and with the outsourcing flexibility to help you get your financial house in order and keep it that way.

Let your CPA do your year-end tax returns, let Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC take care of your day to day financials keeping you up to date via reporting that really does give you the “big picture” on the financial health of your enterprise.

No matter the type of business,
Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC
can design a system tailored to meet
the needs of your specific industry.

Call Karen Pepe Now
(203) 980-8699

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