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Your business 'Sales Tax Liability' report is printed at the push of a button.


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Business Sales Tax Return Quiz

Karen Pepe Comprehensive Accounting Business Sales Tax Returns Trumbull CTBe honest - is this what you look like trying to figure out filing your sales tax return?

Do you know what types of sales are taxable and non-taxable for your industry?

Do you know if any out-of-state sales you make are subject to sales tax being filed in that state?

Are you charging tax to customers who should be exempt and vice versa?

Do you know if you're supposed to be filing monthly, quarterly or annually?

If Your Sales Tax Returns are Off, You Risk Losing Money

If you've answered "no" to even one of these questions, then you could either be collecting or paying too much (or worse - not enough!) sale tax. You don't want to be subject to interest and penalties on late-filed or back sales tax owed.

Help From Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC

During our initial consultation, we determine if your business is subject to collecting and paying sales tax. If you are and are already collecting, but not sure if you're reporting it correctly, we'll look over your past sales and report filing to see if you are in compliance.

New Businesses

If you're a new business who is subject to collecting and paying sales tax, we will set up your customers and sales items in Quickbooks to be flagged as taxable or non-taxable items. At the end of your reporting cycle, a simple 'Sales Tax Liability' report is printed at the push of a button. And...we register your business to file your sales tax online.