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Processing Checks, Paying Taxes, Filing Quarterlies and Processing W-2's


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Getting Your Accounting Files Ready for Tax Time

For some small business owners there is nothing more difficult than getting your accounting files ready for tax time. Here are some tips to make the process easier! Learn more...

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Karen Pepe Comprehensive Accounting Business Payroll Trumbull CTTake this Quick Payroll Awareness Test:

Do you have employees?

Are you considering hiring someone as an employee?

Do you know the payroll laws?

  • How to calculate payroll taxes?
  • How to file quarterly returns?
  • How to process W-2's?

Do you know the penalties for failing to do any of the above? (Trust me, you don't want to find out.)

If any of the above questions made you uncomfortable, we're here to help:

Don't leave your payroll needs up to chance if you're not sure what to do. Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC knows what to do.

Outside Payroll Service:

Whether you have a staff of 1, a staff of 5, or a staff of more employees, engaging the services of an outside payroll service may be more cost effective. They take care of processing the checks, paying the taxes, filing the quarterlies and processing the W-2's.

Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC works with an outside payroll service to help meet your specific needs. What Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC will simply do is act as the liason between the payroll company and you as well as book the gross salary, tax liability and payroll processing fee via a journal entry to reflect the expense.