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Karen Pepe Comprehensive Accounting Business Bank Account Reconciliations Trumbull CTTroubles reconciling your bank account?

This picture is so deceiving. Not many people I know sit down at a table with their checkbook, a calculator and a cozy cup of coffee and *PRESTO* their bank statement is magically reconciled.

Businesses are even worse! One new client had a bankers box filled with 5 months of unreconciled bank statements - for 3 different accounts! All had to be reconciled into Quickbooks which would've been easy except, since they were on a manual system, the check register and deposits were not posted. To say it was a chore is an understatement.

Reconciling a bank statement in Quickbooks is quick and easy.

Of course, some effort has to be put into it first. All checks written and deposits made must be posted first. Then ATM withdrawls, debit card transactions and online payments have to be pulled off the bank statement and posted. Transfers made from one account to another must be accounted for. Then and only then can reconciling the bank statement be easy.

Upgrade your bank account reconciliation process now.

The effort must be done, but the good news don't have to do it! Comprehensive Accounting & Business Services, LLC will ensure that all bank statement related items are accounted for so that you have an accurate ending checkbook balance every month. This crucial to knowing where you stand cash-wise.