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Outsourcing Benefits

    • Increase Efficiency

    • Maximize Time

    • Cut Costs

    • Gain Clarity

    • Grow Profit

Key Questions

Karen Pepe, Business Accounting and Bookkeeping, Quickbooks Setup, Training, Support, Trumbull, CTAre you getting the most out of your Quickbooks software?

Increase Efficiency: Are you still using mulitiple software programs (MS Word, Excel, paper documents) instead of locating all your accounting records in Quickbooks? How is accuracy affected when accounting data resides in more than one place? We install, train and support quickbooks. Learn more...

Karen Pepe, Business Bookkeeping, Trumbull, CTWhen did bookkeeping tasks last rob you of time that could have been spent growing your business?

Maximize Time: Every minute you or your employees spend performing tasks outside of your core competencies represents lost opportunity and compromised results. Learn more...

How might a reduction in year-end tax preparation fees help your company?

Cut Costs: If your books are unorganized, you are essentially paying your CPA to perform bookkeeping tasks.
Learn more...

Karen Pepe, Business Budgets and Forecasts, Trumbull, CTHow are unclear prior-year financial statements affecting your ability to predict current year financial needs?

Gain Clarity: Accurate financial statements are valuable signs on the roadmap to your business goals. Without these, your business is driving with impaired vision. Learn more...

Karen Pepe, Business Accounting, Trumbull, CTHow would accurate and timely accounting information help you maximize business profits?

Grow Profit: Accurate accounting gives you a clear picture of organizational strengths and weaknesses so that you can build on what's working while eliminating inefficiency. Learn more...





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Whether you're a business start-up, or an established business, you'll find these tried and true bookkeeping basics important to tuning up your business accounting and setting your bookkeeping on a sound and sustainable foundation.


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Feature Article:

Getting Your Accounting Files Ready for Tax Time

For some small business owners there is nothing more difficult than getting your accounting files ready for tax time. Here are some tips to make the process easier! Learn more...

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30min 5-point Analysis of Your Current Business Bookkeeping

Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your current business bookkeeping practices? You will come out of this consultation with at least 3 valuable ideas for tuning up your bookkeeping.


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